Inside sports brands' out-of-the-box thinking

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Creatives are often the secret ingredient to a sports brand's success recipe.

From awesome designers to the hottest photographers, videographers, and marketers, sports gear products inspire talented artists to push boundaries and shine.

Designers take the same raw materials available to all the competitors to dream up disruptive new constructions and looks. A designer's work is admirable and inspiring, but it is just one creative element that we need to elevate your brand.

Creative thinking beyond product innovation

The effects of radical creativity on your helmet & goggles product design is one thing. Making sure creativity and out-of-the-box thinking permeates every department of your company is also necessary - but not always easy.

Imparting quality knowledge to the right players at the right time - and in just the correct quantity - assures that your consulting investment is assimilated into your company's culture and bottom line. The goal of customized consulting support is to have lasting effects on your people and systems.

For example, during one of my consulting assignments, avoiding some common manufacturing run challenges was put to the test:

A well-known brand made the strategic decision to stop manual assembly and invest in automating the process to save money over time. Nevertheless, production problems didn't even get a chance to manifest because the factory couldn't run the new system even from day 0!

Clovis Henzen Consulting was urgently called in as the brand representative on the factory floor. I stayed for a week, found the glitch and ensured that the machine started doing its job.

There were no factory time delays because we worked as a team with the factory AND the brand.  

Applying creativity and out-of-the-box thinking during team management, manufacturing floor shadowing, and the transitioning of systems from manual to automation demonstrated results.

The run was completed to the brand's quality standards without costly errors and delivery setbacks.

If you need long term solutions or emergency intervention for your helmet & goggle project, please reach me at Clovis Henzen Consulting.

As an external boutique consultant, Clovis Henzen Consulting helps your company's process innovation based on 25+ years of sector knowledge. I will take a new creative look at your brand's processes for R&D, raw materials sourcing, manufacturing, systems, and distribution that will forge a potent competitive edge.

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