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Reach new sports fashion & safety heights with dependable raw material sourcing

A sports gear factory worker assembling protective gear

As raw material technology, weight, size, and impact performance testing evolve, so does the product offering your customers can enjoy from your sports protective gear brand.

Safety comes first with regard to materials, while paints and plastics allow brands to further enhance their fashion imprint in a highly competitive sports market. In addition, safety simulation protocols and technology enable helmets to meet the strictest standards and launch to market faster than ever. 

Raw materials sourcing in the sports industry

Raw materials sourcing is often inspired in some of the most unlikely places - like automotive industry trade shows, university research, or networking. A boutique consultant is agile and can implement the latest raw materials into a new design without any added risk to the brand.

For example, for fresh aesthetics for plastic goods, I find color schemes and materials innovation like sparkle pigments or matt coating from the automotive sector. In addition, new design concept ideas often stem from high-end fashion, consumer electronics, furniture, and other interior design elements. My creative, proactive, and detailed investigative process into other sectors helps my clients stay on top of market trends.

After safety, the next priority for raw materials sourcing is speed. Seasonality puts production under tremendous pressure, so an experienced, well-connected business consultant in the sports industry will know about procurement lead times and build any possible delay contingencies into the production plan.

Finally, everyone´s top-of-mind concern in our industry: a reliable raw materials supply chain. Being clear about the exact specifications a brand needs upfront will save on costs further down the manufacturing process calendar.

There is nothing worse than stopping mid-production because the raw material quality was not thoroughly defined and vetted upfront. 

A sports industry OEM/ODM consultant’s knowledge, hands-on experience, and interpersonal connections reassure brands that their idea will get to market on time - starting with the optimal raw materials.

I would love to hear about your raw materials stories. Connect with me via LinkedIn (if you haven´t already!)

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