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Sports Gear interdisciplinary team consultant

Sports gear interdisciplinary team consultant

Leverage interdisciplinary team management consulting for your sports protective gear brand

The design and production of sports helmets, goggles, and protective gear – all involving plastic elements - require a point person to manage the silos of work from concept, molds, raw materials, and production oversight. Nevertheless, a project manager in our sector not only coordinates the manufacturing workflow to avoid errors. Success requires some other, more subtle skills.

An interdisciplinary team in our business is a given. From product development to product delivery, medium-sized brands spend too much time sourcing talent and materials for every aspect of the manufacturing process. To bring an exciting new product idea to market on time, outsourcing a professional consultant is effective, more profitable, and a strategic business decision.

Why organizations need an external consultant to manage interdisciplinary teams

Even once the right people are found, expertise and a holistic perspective of the overall process are crucial to avoid costly delivery delays on seasonal products. The key to good margins is knowing which aspects of the manufacturing process need the utmost priority because skimping on something like molds can completely kill the product plan. 

So, what makes a consultant with sports gear manufacturing experience stand out?

Each team member speaks their own jargon and often assumes others know what they know. An experienced consultant manages the work of each member and needs to connect that member's work to the next member in the phase. Therefore, integrated thinking, communication, and collaboration are mandatory throughout the concept, design, manufacturing, and assembly stages.

Brands often take the most convenient option – rather than the one that will guarantee results.

Our sector requires teams in multiple time zones, cultures, work practices, currencies, and languages. So if an up-and-coming brand wants best-of-class talent across all the disciplines needed for the production cycle, this means hand-picking each team member – from wherever they might be on the planet.

Once this step is complete, an outstanding external consultant coordinates and understands the innuendo of each person's professional discipline AND culture. It is not the same to have the experience of collaborating with a plant team in Western or Eastern Europe as one in China. An experienced, qualified, and energetic consultant will extract the most from your project’s human resources, regardless of their discipline or culture.

After 25+ years of delivering projects based on intercultural/interdisciplinary teams, communication is simplified and results are streamlined. Creating this adhesive cooperative joint effort is accomplished by demonstrating a keen interest in each member's possible challenges while maintaining control of the overall process. 

A quality sports gear manufacturing consultancy is your brand's trusted representative - not only when actively coordinating with a global interdisciplinary team – but even on the factory floor, wherever on the globe THAT might be! 

More on how an external consultant can help your brand on the factory floor in another Blog!

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