Clovis Henzen

The Boutique OEM/ODM Consulting Firm for Protective Gear
Contemporary products delivered on time
Dynamic local & sustainable sourcing
Multi-language, multicultural global projects
Tactical hands-on factory supervision
Strengthen your brand with a reliable manufacturing supply chain and diversify your product line with fresh ideas.
I can help you to...


Transforming your ideas into market ready protective gear
Launching original fresh product concepts
Innovating with design and engineering teamwork
Managing multi-cultural & multi-lingual projects


Vetting the best factories and raw materials
Coordinating international providers
Sharing valuable insider sector knowledge
Assuring end-to-end accountability

Leverage my industry expertise and insights.

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Expect Results &

Diversify your brand with fresh out-of-the-box product design input.
Save time, money and frustration.
Focus your energy more on Marketing and Distribution.
Gain speed to tackle seasonality.

Leverage 25 years of expertise

Travel, key contacts, intercultural experience and my recognized expertise in the field are the cornerstones of a successful project.
From the design phase, workflow to shipment/certification to the organizational structure, your brand will benefit from my sector experience.
You can focus on what you do best while I manage the multi- discipline, multilingual and multicultural project team across time zones, and locations.
Human resource is key.  As your factory staff lead, I will nurture internal staff, coach new employees in the area of product management, and train those that need support.
Quality is the result of ongoing planning, monitoring, digitalizing and training staff to deliver beyond expectations.
Solve the sourcing challenge
Whether you need a domestic market network for your raw materials and production or an international provider.
I  sort out the most efficient options.
Streamline workflow
Selecting the right technology, incorporating  blockchain, monitoring factory procedures and coordinating an international multidisciplinary team translates into a cutting-edge protective gear product for your brand.
Traffic in a big-city the highways are light up
Ensure quality & velocity
In an era of new wearable technologies, fashion influencers and social media - Protective Gear transforms fast. With start-to-finish project management, I keep a pulse on top trends, stay true to your brand, manage quality, and get your product to market on time.

Hi, I'm Clovis.

I work with European, Asian and American companies to solve their Protective Gear manufacturing challenges. I deliver my consulting mandate before the deadline.

Travelling wherever I am needed, connecting multidiscipline team members and understanding numerous countries' work cultures come naturally to me.

Maybe this is because I am originally from Switzerland where our Italian, French, German and Romansh languages weave into our famous exacting sense of time.

Contact me to make your goggles, eyewear, helmet or protectors idea a reality.

Leverage my industry expertise and insights.

Let’s Connect on LinkedIn
I skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.
Wayne Gretzky

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